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Soon to be launching via the Crowd Supply website as a new modular open hardware gaming platform specifically created for classic 8-bit games and aptly named the Open Game Station. The open hardware platform has been created to enable gamers to build a modular handheld games console capable of playing a variety of different 8-bit games, that can be expanded using modules that allow you to modify code to customise your game playing experience.

Two versions of the Game Station will be available offering both a Basic and Pro version. “The basic version is for all users, including those who are just getting started with 8-bit gaming or with the Arduino ecosystem. The Pro version is for DIY fanatics, Arduino programmers, retro gaming geeks, and makers.”

8-bit games console

Basic Version : All Open Game Stations include the following core components:

– Game Board: Serves as your controller and provides a dock into which you can insert Longan Card modules to build out your gaming device
– Structural Hardware: Includes a piece of acrylic board, to improve controller ergonomics, as well as screws and spacers. The included Quick Start Guide will help you put it all together.

Your Open Game Station will also come with the following Longan Cards, which you can slot into your Game Board as needed:

– Carduino 32U4: Open Game Station’s microcontroller board. Powered by the Arduino Leonardo bootloader, it supports all Arduboy-based games
– OLED Display Card: Your screen, a retro-style, 128 x 64 pixel monochrome display
– Buzzer Card: Provides background music and whatever flavor of beep your game might require
– AAA Battery Card: Provides portable power to the whole device (the battery itself is not included)

Pro Version :The Pro version comes with all of the above, plus the following:

– Sound Sensor Card: Detects the volume of sound and makes it available as game control input
– 9-DoF Sensor Card: Uses acceleration, gyroscopic, and magnetometer sensing to detects the movement of a player’s hands and makes those data available as game control input
– Extension Board: Provide three additional Longan Card slots

Specifications of the modular, open hardware gaming platform for classic 8-bit games include :

– Atmega 32U4 microcontroller
– 16 MHz clock speed
– 2 K RAM
– 32 K flash
– 128 x 64 OLED display
– Six buttons
– Arduino compatible

For more information on the Open Game Station and to register your interest jump over to the official Crowd Supply project page by following the link below.

Source :Crowd Supply

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